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Hi, I’m Zoe Brown

Women’s Health Nutritionist

Are you pregnant or postpartum and not sure how to eat optimally to meet your new needs? Are you looking to feel your best, but struggle with low energy? Are you unsure what’s safe and unsafe to consume during pregnancy, and tired of conflicting information online? You’re in the right place. 


I'm Zoe Brown, Registered Associate Nutritionist, based in Tokyo, and I am here to help you! I am passionate about helping women eliminate the stress around eating, while providing you & your baby with the best nutrition that's achievable and easy to reach.


Whether you’re a first time mother or on your third pregnancy, I want to help you feel your best!






A pregnant mother her 2 children playing outside, climbing a fence in matching floral dresses.
I came to Zoe in my third pregnancy, being mainly plant based I never truly felt confident in my choices of foods or supplement intake. Zoe helped eliminate all the stress of sorting out what was safe and unsafe. I felt reassured working with Zoe and no longer was searching through conflicting information to find answers. Zoe has done so much work with different foods and nutrition. She worked with me to make small changes, I continuously felt that my goal of giving my baby the best nutrition was not only achievable but easy to reach. Zoe made sure that our tailor made plan was easy to fit in my lifestyle. From the personalised recipes, the bi-weekly check in, to preparing ahead of time for a great diet for postpartum recovery, I have never felt more confident with my nutritional goals and health. I highly recommend Zoe to anyone searching for nutritional support.

Ruth, Mom of 3

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